6 ways to modify your car

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modify your car

Modify your car in Costa Rica

Modifying cars have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Some people enjoy modifying their vehicles for aesthetic reasons, while others choose to improve performance or safety.

In spite of everything, modifications are a matter of personal preference. Despite trends like getting the car as low off the ground as possible, some people even spend thousands of dollars replacing the entire engine to make their ultimate car. If you want to modify your car in any way, there are a few things you need to be aware of, especially the legal and safety aspects of certain modifications. 

In Costa Rica, there are many car enthusiasts that modify their cars. Some are just on the surface, some affect the performance of the car. There are tons of car modifications. If you’re new to the idea of ​​tuning a car, you might be surprised to learn about superficial upgrades and performance upgrades. Here, we’ll take a look at some of both.

1. Add Wheels And Tires.

Adding wheels and tires is one of the easiest ways to modify your car. This modification will make your vehicle more stable and easier to control. It also makes your vehicle look cooler.

If you fancy giving your motor a new set of shoes, bear in mind new wheels can change the handling of the car. It is advised you only fit wheels and tires that are approved by the car’s manufacturer. Also make sure there is enough clearance between the wheel and body of the car, especially when steering – you might catch bigger wheels or tires on the wheel arch when turning.

2. Upgrade the interior

If you want to add a few extra features to your car, consider upgrading the interior. You can do this by adding new seats, an entertainment system, or even a navigation system. These upgrades will not only improve your driving experience but will also help you save money.

In-car entertainment is probably the most common modification, even if all you’re doing is swapping the stereo to an aftermarket model. Of course, some drivers like to go all out and install upgraded sub-woofers and speakers.

If you want to keep the passengers entertained, there are TV and DVD systems you can install too. But be mindful that it is illegal for these screens to be in view of the driver. So if you wanted to install a visual entertainment system, it’s best to pop it in the back.

3. Customize the exterior

There are plenty of ways to customize your vehicle without spending a lot of money. One of the easiest things you can do is replace your tires with custom rims. This will give your car a unique appearance and make it more comfortable to ride in. Another option is to install a spoiler, a rack, or even a water pipe on your roof. 

You can also paint the car or create a similar effect with vinyl wrap, as long as it doesn’t look like it’s trying to impersonate a police or emergency vehicle.


A suspension system can be a great way to upgrade your car’s performance. When done right, your car will handle much better, and you can even tune the suspension to optimize the car for the way you drive. Whether you race your car or you just want your commute to be a little more enjoyable, a good suspension system is arguably worth the investment.

Upgrading the suspension with stiffer springs, shock absorbers, and lowering kits may improve handling, and perhaps you want it to just make the car look great. Suspension mods should only be carried out by a competent mechanic and components should never be cut and welded, as this can weaken the components and can make the car dangerous to drive.

5. Modify Lights and Reflectors

By law, the lights on the front of the car must show a substantial amount of white or yellow light, and steady red for the rear. Any other color is not allowed. It’s illegal to tint any of these lights too as it reduces the amount of light emitted and the effectiveness of the reflectors.

6. Tinted Windows

The tinted glass might make driving in bright sunlight a little easier, but when it gets dark, it can be a lot harder to see the road clearly.

There are no regulations on tinted windows on rear passenger windows or the rear windscreen, but there is a legal limit for the tint on the front windows and windscreen.

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